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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

AIPMT 2014 Syllabus in details

AIPMT 2014 

or All India PreMedical Test is an entrance test to admission MBBS and BDS courses of all over India. The syllabus for the AIPMT CBSE exam is totally based on thesyllabus of class XII from various State Boards of Secondary Education such as ICSE, CBSE and ISE also to a few additional State Boards. The candidates who are arranging to emerge in this examination should have excellent knowledge with the syllabuses of Class XI and XII (Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics). AIPMT has a vast syllabus of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry; and to get a good score students must fulfill the syllabus. Here is the information about AIPMT 2014 Syllabus.
AIPMT 2014 full Syllabus: AIPMT has a vast syllabus of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. All the subjects are details in following –
Biology & Zoology Syllabus for AIPMT 2014:
Unit 1: Diversity in Living World
Unit 2: Cell: The Unit of Life; Structure and Function
Unit 3: Genetics and Evolution
Unit 4: Structure and Function – Plants
Unit: 5 Structure and Function – Animals
Unit: 6 Reproduction, Growth and Movement in Plants
Unit 7: Reproduction and Development in Humans
Unit 8: Ecology and Environment
Unit 9: Biology and Human Welfare
Unit 10: Biotechnology and its Applications
Physics Syllabus for AIPMT 2014:
Unit: 1 Introduction and Measurement
Unit: 2 Description of Motion in One Dimension
Unit: 3 Description of Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
Unit: 4 Laws of Motion
Unit: 5 Work, Energy and Power
Unit: 6 Rotational Motion
Unit: 7 Gravitation
Unit: 8 Heat and Thermodynamics
Unit: 9 Oscillations
Unit: 10 Waves
Unit: 11 Electrostatics
Unit: 12 Current Electricity
Unit: 13 Thermal and Chemical Effects of Currents
Unit: 14 Magnetic Effect of Currents
Unit: 15 Magnetism
Unit: 16 Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Unit: 17 Electromagnetic Waves (Qualitative Treatment)
Unit: 18 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
Unit: 19 Electrons and Photons
Unit: 20 Atoms, Molecules, and Nuclei
Unit: 21 Solids and Semiconductor Devices
Chemistry Syllabus for AIPMT 2014:
Unit: 1 Some basic concepts in Chemistry
Unit: 2 States of matter
Unit: 3 Atomic structure
Unit: 4 Classification of elements and periodicity in properties
Unit: 5 Chemical energetics
Unit: 6 Chemical bonding
Unit: 7 Equilibrium
Unit: 8 Redox reactions
Unit: 9 Solid state Chemistry
Unit: 10 Chemical thermodynamics
Unit: 11 Solutions
Unit: 12 Chemical kinetics
Unit: 13 Electrochemistry
Unit: 14 Surface chemistry
Unit: 15 Hydrogen
Unit: 16 S-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth metals)
Unit: 17 General principles and processes of isolation of elements
Unit: 18 p-Block Elements
Unit: 19 The d-and f-Block elements
Unit: 20 Coordination compounds
Unit: 21 Some basic principles of Organic Chemistry
Unit: 22 Hydrocarbons
Unit: 23 Purification and characterization of carbon compounds
Unit: 24 Organic compounds with functional groups containing halogens (X)
Unit: 25 Organic compounds with functional groups containing oxygen
Unit: 26 Organic Compounds with functional group containing nitrogen
Unit: 27 Polymers
Unit: 28 Environmental Chemistry
Unit: 29 Biomolecules
Unit: 30 Chemistry in everyday life

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